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We are a Media Production Agency producing photo and video content for brands to promote on various social media platforms. We shoot promotional videos and commercial films for various Industries including Food & Fitness.

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"They helped me made my product look more approachable by their talented and creative videography with a keen eye for detail. They have lot of unique insights and ideas. We gave them, a rough idea of what we wanted our video to look like, and they put it together wonderfully."
Kaanchi Gupta
MyFroyoLand, Vashi
"They are truly a professional, super creative and a really nice people to work with. They did a promo video for our studio and that video genuinely did wonders for our business I simply cannot recommend them enough! "

Prathamesh Kate
Hearts & Spades Tattoo


Frequently Asked Questions

It takes 3-5 days for a small project and 7-14 days for a project with a larger scope.

We start by understanding our goals and what we want to achieve by making this video. Then we come up with an idea/concept, then go on scripting it, making a shot list, and ensuring we have all the resources (Camera gear, equipment, location, talent, workforce) we need for the production phase. Finally, after scheduling and execution of the production phase, the project is arranged, edited, sound designed, and color corrected & graded in the post-production phase.

Depends. For a promotional video we charge anything starting from 15,000. It depends on the resources needed including time and manpower. We have customized rates for smaller projects as well.